'This extraordinary book does for MI6 what Mr West did for MI5, the internal security service, in a controversial history...In both of them the reader is presented with dozens, possibly hundreds of names of intelligence officers and agents, details of major intelligence operations with code-names and case histories, organizational charts and much mores besides'

Daily Telegraph, London

'Excellent and painstaking work...'

North Devon Journal Herald

'A must...'

The Irish Times


Madame Szymanska's French identity card, which identifies her as Marie Clenat, a French subject born in Strasbourg in August 1906. The document, which purported to have been issued in Lyons in June 1940, was a forgery manufactured by MI6 by its printing expert, Mr Adams, at his secret press at Potters Bar. Madame Szymanska used this carte d'identité when meeting Admiral Canaris in German-occupied France.